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New York Mets: Why Today's Loss May Be the Final Strike in the Season
The New York Mets have had a history of losses against the Atlanta Braves over the years. I will not even mention the several years of heartache during the Braves dynasty of the '90s. They entered today's game versus those Braves at home needing a victory to inch back into the NL Wild Card race.
They had the chance to move to seven games behind with one win today. Instead, they suffered three dram...
New York Mets Playoff Chances: Is It Time to Raise the White Flag?
In the old days of cowboys and Indians, a group that knew it was beaten would either continue to fight and wait for the cavalry to arrive with reinforcements to aid them in their fight or they would raise a white flag to signify their unconditional surrender.
While, we never see this scenario actually pan out in today's society, we still use this as a sports metaphor for staying competitive or giv...
New York Giants Free Agency: Pros and Cons of Resigning Ahmad Bradshaw
The New York Giants came to an agreement yesterday with top running back Ahmad Bradshaw. They inked him to a four year, $18 million deal. As a fan, I was excited when I heard the news. As I examined it though, I began to weigh the decision further. These are the conclusions I came up with.

First, there are several factors that make this a good signing. One, he knows the offense, obviously. He has...
New York Giants Free Agency: Three Reasons Why Eli Manning May Be Dropping the Ball
The New York Giants have a leader. His name is Eli Manning. Whether he is shouting out signals behind center or yelling at players on the sideline, Manning is the heart of the Giants offense. That heart, however, has had an irregular beat lately. While the NFL was frozen in a lockout this summer, Manning was organizing and running walk-through practices with a handful of teammates at a local ... (continue)
New York Giants Free Agency Plan: Out with the Old, In with the New
The old adages that "time marches on" and "time waits for no one" certainly apply to sports. In particular, football. The New York Giants are a lot like time these days. They're not waiting for anyone. They have reportedly cut ties with several veterans that have been a major part of the franchise for a number of years.

First, they announced that they will cut Shaun O'Hara and Rich Seubert. Then,...
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